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Lea Michele signs copies of her album “Louder” (March 3, 2014)

Blaine in TRIO: “You know, I turned down bumper bowling with Kitty and Artie. And you know how much I love bumper bowling. I turned it down, because I figured they were going to make out the whole time and I didn’t want to be a third wheel. Fifth wheel. And then low and behold, you two run off on during our fun night of shenanigans and mischief and turn it into some kind of creepy face sucking slurp-a-thon.

you don’t have to be blood to be family: Ryan Atwood & Seth Cohen

"It’s a good story, Ryan. It’s the tale of two young men who couldn’t be more different but they learn to overcome their differences. They team up and essentially become brothers, not unlike you and me. Except that I blew it. Ever since the day you got here you have totally had my back and I just - I promise you, from now on, I will never fail you again. I am so sorry."

“I only have happy memories of Cory. He was not his addiction - unfortunately, it won. But that wasn’t who he was.” - Lea Michele

I was always very dramatic - my family would probably use the word ‘dramatic’ - as a child; always putting on performances, making everyone come watch, and pay to watch. I was very business-savvy as a child.